Indefinite hiatus

Things on this end of the blog are busy: hubby’s working two jobs, I’m teaching summer courses, and our newly inducted toddler is “ow”-ing and “ock-a-oodle-oo”-ing her way through life. Right now, she’s fighting resuming the nap she started in the car (lucky me).

So, what does this have to do with the blog?

Right now, we’re at an impasse. Because of hubby’s new part time job, we don’t get to the farm hardly at all. We’re at a standstill on every project we want to do. We have very little money, even less time, and it’s downright depressing.

To that end, until we actually make real progress on anything farm-related, I won’t be updating here. It’s been a tough decision but one that will relieve a bit of guilt on my part. Maybe we’ll get the ball rolling on this wannabe farmers endeavour, who knows.

I’ll leave you with our daughter’s new horse, just after she arrived at the farm last month. Meet Athena: